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21LA Under Trusteeship

March 30, 2021

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) placed SEIU Local 21LA into an emergency trusteeship today to provide the leadership and resources necessary to protect the interests of the membership, ensure the performance of the Local’s collective bargaining responsibilities, protect and properly administer the assets of the Local, wind down the Local’s operations and otherwise carry out the Local’s bargaining, financial and administrative duties. The Order of Emergency Trusteeship is available here.

Harold (Ed) Burke has been appointed as Local 21LA’s Trustee, and he has assumed responsibility for the Local’s operations. As a consequence of the imposition of the emergency trusteeship, Local 21LA’s officers and Executive Board members are removed from office.
Under the SEIU Constitution, there will be a hearing at which members are invited to learn about this process and what this means.

We believe that all workers– no matter the color of their skin, or where they are from–deserve to be respected, protected, and paid a living wage. For many years, SEIU Local 21LA served as a steadfast supporter of public and private employees in Louisiana; upholding worker power in a region where labor rights are regularly under attack. In July 2020, the SEIU International Executive Board (IEB) determined that it would be in the best interests and welfare of the membership for Local 21LA’s public sector members to be transferred to AFSCME Council 17 and for Local 21LA’s private sector members to be transferred to the Southwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United/SEIU. The SEIU IEB took this action in order to build the strength of Local 21LA’s members by uniting them with larger unions, thereby increasing the workers’ collective organizing, political and bargaining power and capacities across Louisiana and throughout the South.

For more than one year, SEIU has been working closely with AFSCME Council 17 and the Southwest Regional Joint Board, Workers United to facilitate the transfer of Local 21LA members over to the larger unions, galvanizing worker power to negotiate stronger contracts for better working conditions. At this point of the transition, the vast majority of the Local 21LA leadership are now members in AFSCME or Workers United/SEIU, making it necessary to place the Local under emergency trusteeship to ensure that the Local’s bargaining, financial and administrative work continues through the completion of the transition process. This decision is to ensure the smooth transition of Local 21LA’s remaining members into the new unions where their rights will continue to be protected and their member benefits maintained.

If you have any questions, please contact Trustee Harold (Ed) Burke at

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