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Chartwells Bargaining Meeting


Show Chartwells We’re Serious

” Chartwells refused to share their Finances to bargaining team, while rejecting our proposal for an increase. At a time when 23.4% of New Orleanians are living in poverty, Chartwells refuses to provide a living wage to their New Orleans Public Schools employees. We Refuse to give up, we will fight!” -Robin Gilbert Lead Food Service Worker at Green Elementary

At the bargaining table on August 1st,2017 Chartwells refused the following:

  • Wouldn’t offer reasonable funds for Uniforms
  • Refused to offer a fair raise
  • Inadequate proposal for food service works and cooks

We demand and deserve a fair contract Now!

For more information, contact your organizer Jumal Oatis at

504-400-8149 or your Union Steward to find out how to take action!

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