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Baton Rouge Civil Service Rule Change Allows Workers to Take Leaves for Community Work

Workers scored a win at the February 13 Metro Council Meeting in Baton Rouge.

The Civil Service revised Rule 9 was approved by the Metro Council. This change will allow workers to take leaves of absence to participate in community and/or charitable work without their absences impacting their seniority or other paid time off such as vacation and sick time for community and charity work.

“We at SEIU Local 21 LA support this rule revision to the fullest. It is important that workers are able to be full members of society and   participate in valid activities that will improve our communities without the worry that he or she will suffer at work or lose the things they have worked hard to acquire for themselves and their families because of it,” said Helene O’Brien, 21 LA Union President.

Leon Goudeau is shown speaking at a Baton Rouge Metro Council meeting in December 2011.

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