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Delores Jampierre: Talking Politics

Associate member Delores Jampierre has spent nearly two months leading up to Nov. 6 Election Day on the phones calling frequent voters to discuss working families issues.

Delores Jampierre is all politics these days and she is loving every bit of it.

It’s the week before Election Day and Jampierre, a dedicated associate member of SEIU Local 21 LA, is busy, busy, busy.

Associate members are allies who join with 21 LA union workers in the fight for good jobs.

Jampierre is on the phone nonstop at the union’s call center. On an average day, she makes as many as 250 calls. Of those calls, she has about 40 conversations. These aren’t brief chats with friends either. Jampierre is having tough conversations with frequent voters about a taboo topic: politics.

“We are asking people would they consider supporting a candidate that will fight for working families,” said Jampierre, the St. Helena Parish resident and retired union member. “We are calling and encouraging people to go out to vote. We are also encouraging them to bring others to the poll.”

Jampierre said some callers are more receptive than others, but she doesn’t allow this to deter her or dampen her spirits.

Her motto is to “address everyone with a deep respect,” regardless of how they act.

“I love talking to people about politics. Politics concerns people, ideas and change,” Jampierre said. “A strong union can make anything happen. If you stand alone, you won’t have anyone to fight for you.”

To learn more about associate membership, please call (504) 483-2125.



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