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Alfred Dixon: Former L.B. Landry Custodian. “I took pride in my work.”

Alfred Dixon, former L.B. Landry custodian, was wrongly fired from his job as a custodian by Aramark on May 1, 2012.

On May 1, 2012, Alfred Dixon, custodian of five years at L.B. Landry High School, was among 11 other Aramark, full-time workers in the Recovery School District (RSD) fired for no reason violating federal labor laws.

The wrongly terminated workers are dedicated employees with as much as 22 years of service keeping New Orleans schools clean.

Dixon enjoyed taking care of Landry, making sure the new, 3-story school was in the best condition possible for students to receive a quality education. He took pride in his work and doesn’t understand why he was let go.

Aramark is a multinational, Fortune 500 company that receives taxpayer money to clean and provide food services in the Recovery School District. Firing full-time employees is one of many of Aramark’s union busting tactics as well as turning full-time positions into part-time, casual employment.

“I loved being around the children,” said Dixon, a soft-spoken, quiet man. “How am I going to make a living? I have a wife and family.”

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