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SEIU Local 21 LA Endorses Candidates Who Support Working Families

SEIU Local 21 LA members are working together to hold public officials of all political parties accountable to working families. 21 LA members spent weeks  interviewing political candidates and asking them the tough questions: In your work, how have you exhibited a commitment to working families? What is your vision for improving public education? Do you believe government workers should be able to collective bargain with public employers for better wages, benefits, and working conditions?

The 21 LA Executive Board has made the following political candidate endorsements:

Jefferson Parish

Parish Council:

District 1 – Ricky Templet

District 2 – Paul Johnston

District 3 – Cedric Floyd

District 4 – Ben Zahn

BESE (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education):

District 1 – Jim Garvey

State Legislative:

House District 83 – Rep. Robert Billiot

Orleans Parish


District 2 – Kira Orange Jones

State Legislative:

Senate District 2 –      JP Morrell and Cynthia Willard- Lewis

House District 98 – Rep. Neil Abramson

21 LA Members with Cynthia Willard-Lewis

St. Bernard Parish

State Legislative:

House District 103 – Chad Lauga

Baton Rouge


District 6 – Donald Songy

State Legislative:

House District 29 – Rep. Regina Barrow

House District 61 –   Donna Collins Lewis and C. Denise Marcelle

House District 63 – Rep. Dalton Honore

House District 67 – Rep. Pat Smith

Senate District 14 – Sen. Yvonne Dorsey

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